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Filled with Spirit of Sense


non-forgettable travels
Filled with Spirit of Sense

Arara Travel - unique, shamanic, healing journeys to Brazil.

Experience the extraordinary with us – an invitation to open your heart, discover the unique, and embrace a journey that transcends the ordinary. Our spiritual retreats are a gateway to a world of boundless possibilities, where you'll become one with the locals, forging deep connections, and igniting your inner spark.

Step into the realm of the uncharted, where hidden treasures of nature await your exploration. Immerse yourself in the roots of culture, tradition, and your own self, going far beyond being a mere tourist.

We proudly partner with eco-conscious retreat centers, dedicated to agroforestry, sustainable practices, and thriving on our precious planet. Your journey will be more than just a retreat; it's a transformational voyage.

Dive into ancient wisdom, traditions, and holistic healing, guided by our experienced travelers and consciousness explorers. Our environment is carefully crafted for your rapid, effective, and all-encompassing growth, fostering connections and healing for a lifetime. Join us as we celebrate your renewal and evolution.

Life-Changing Journeys

Continuously exploring the inexhaustible realities of Brazil, we offer you the best! These trips can be done both separately and combined with each other, percepting more beauty of the generous Latin America.

Aldeia Sagrada - Yawanawa

5 - 15 of April 2024
8 - 18 of December 2024

Shamanic WorkMeet Yawanawa TribePurification of EnergyVisit the Amazone forestBeauty of NaturePlants of Power Experience

Culture of Native Tribe in sacred Amazon forest!

Abundance in Paradise

23 - 30 of April 2024
1 - 8 of May 2024

Beauty of NatureRomanticSelf DevelopmentSnorkelingWellnessHealing

Ocean, Medicine & Meditation


10 - 24 of July 2024

Expansion of ConsciousnessWaterfallsExclusive tripsVIP tourPlants of Power ExperiencePurification of Energy

Deep Retreat in the Luxury and Comfort of the Iranian Sanctuary

Love of the Desert

20 - 27 of May 2024

Finding the ForcePlants of Power ExperienceBeach & OceanPurification of EnergyStrengthening WillExpansion of Consciousness

Journey through the Lensois Desert, guided by the Spirit of San Pedro (Vachuma)


7 - 14 of April 2024

Expansion of ConsciousnessShamanic WorkPurification of EnergyMeeting with MediumsSpiritual StrengtheningPlants of Power Experience

Initiation into the Knowledge of the Occult Afro-Brazilian Spiritual Tradition with Plants of Power


14 - 27 of June 2024

RetreatFinding the ForcePlants of Power ExperienceExpansion of ConsciousnessShamanic WorkSelf Development

Complex Shamanic Retreat with all available Power Plants and trips to the Waterfalls

Pleiadian Institute

17 - 27 of December 2024

Meeting with MediumsSpiritual StrengtheningPlants of Power ExperienceExpansion of ConsciousnessShamanic WorkPurification of Energy

Shamanic Journey, Study of Crystal Healing with Frequencies of Light therapy

Diamond Valley

11 - 17 of October 2024

Spiritual StrengtheningNew Life StageWaterfallsVisit Places of PowerBeauty of NaturePlants of Power Experience

Retreat in nature for the sake of deep Spiritual experience

Cycling Tour

10 - 23 of June 2025

HikingBicycle TripsWaterfallsVisit Places of PowerSpiritual StrengtheningPhotography

Journey through the incredible waterfalls by Bicycle

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Expansion of Consciousness

Plants of Power Experience

Shamanic Work



Spiritual Strengthening

Purification of Energy


Self Development

Cultural Enrichment



Strengthening Will

Finding the Force

Visit Places of Power

Meeting with Mediums

Beauty of Nature

New Life Stage


Bicycle Trips

Exclusive trips


VIP tour




Visit the Amazone forest

Meet Yawanawa Tribe

Beach & Ocean


Participants of our journeys are sharing their experiences.
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My heart is full of Gratitude!! And a conscious acquaintance with the heart, happened in Brazil!! I love you!! And with each passing day this connection with itself expands!! What has changed? Everything!!! Thank you for being! In my life! We'll see each other again!


The journey organized by Alexey and Tatyana was the most incredible and magical experience that will forever be etched in my soul and memory. If I remember myself in future lives, I will recall these unforgettable travels. It's challenging to discover such places independently; this paradise offered a profound connection with the soul and a detachment from the mundane. Such total immersions should undoubtedly take place in the land of love, harmony, and a seamless blend with Brazil's untouched nature. I am immensely grateful for this cosmic and magical time, and I genuinely miss you both. I will certainly return! ✨❤


There are many changes in my life. Perception, work and the feeling of myself are different. I found my place on Earth! The influence of everything that was so strong that among the day I can feel the Ayahuaska. As if the wave rolls, and I see everything as through another prism. And of course I live by the dream of the next trip!


The experience was super. Thanks to Brazil. The changes are huge. I'm waiting for another trip to Brazil. I miss it so much.

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